Keep as many fingers as you can on the falling paths without lifting them.Download on Android Market
FingerFall is a multitouch game optimized for tablets and large-screen phones. It's 12 levels of finger-twisting fun. Download the full version for free today!


Click to open a larger view. Graphics quality is better in-game.

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How to Play

Check out the in-game tutorial for an introduction.

Your goal is to keep as many fingers on the falling paths as you can. The more fingers you keep on paths, the more points you collect. You can only put a new finger down three times; the remaining number is tracked in the top right of the screen.

Collect powerups by moving a finger over them. You may see these powerups throughout the levels:

Allows you to place a finger again - adds rings
Slows down the game temporarily
Merges multiple paths into one
Makes paths wider
Allows a finger to move off paths without penalty
Doubles point accumulation temporarily
Allows you to place one additional finger


FingerFall uses the excellent libgdx game development framework. The Days Regular typeface is used under a CC 3.0 Attribution license.

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